Interactive Innovations

About Ampay

  • Secure and flexible online content delivery and payments services for telephony, A\V services and digital content providers.
  • Established in 1999 with over 20 years’ experience in this sector, Ampay offers technically robust and advanced platforms designed to make the process of content management and charging as seamless and convenient as possible for content providers and consumers alike.
  • Our platform allows major social media influencers, content creators and publishers to offer increased engagement and access to exclusive content to their fans and followers. This new platform release has integrated the latest content management features and communications technologies such as live call routing, call management, one to one or many video streaming, premium direct messaging, scheduled content releases and much more.
  • With an emphasis on usability, security and compliance it enables multi- currency payments and automatically handles international VAT pricing for brands and users.
  • We work with best of breed partners for payment security, ID verification and AML\KYC compliance to minimize risk and ensure compliance.